Discovering oneself

Today, I sat solemnly quite, having realized that I had nothing bt myself. Myself to make great, myself to establish so high to naturally become a role model to many, myself to never look down on, I have just myself to enjoy this world to it full or never get to, myself to never feel underestimated, even if the world thinks I should, myself to work hard on, myself to value so preciously… It wouldn’t be that bad to have an insurance for my lovely nose or leg. Think of it!.
I discovered that one need only oneself to love what one would become in not far-fetched future. Its really just up to one.


There is a time in one’s life when one comes to a crossroad and these makes one to see life with just a pinch of salt.
Obieze woke up dramatically from her daydreaming with a scream “To hell, I was just an idiot to even cry!.” Having been traumatised, she decided to think, rethink and bethink. She had indeed traumatised herself to the zero or still, highest level to say. “I wasn’t just being myself.”
In a nutshell, obieze thought herself unworthy, not up-to-the-class, she thought herself to be ‘Poor’ financially, not to as well, flaot herself on social medial just like Zeebaby. But I would say, indeed, she was poor; poor to her own happiness, poor to her own God given nature. Nature for her own body and soul. Those were what she, as an individual, as a person, was supposed to float proudly. But she belooked herself, stooped so low to suppress them their freedom and growth just to admire no, just to jealous yes! jealous what she wasn’t.
Jealousy, Hate, Anger and contempt

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